New Book — Coming Soon!

New Book — Coming Soon!

fpcstockimage (9)book covver for ppCatholic Alcoholic — A passionate and provocative book about hope and grief transformed. Whether Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, Agnostic, Atheist, male, female, gay, straight — someone will find something of benefit in the pages of this book.

Battered women will find hope and vision, whether their husbands drink or not.

Abused men will find their voice.

Alcoholics and their families will find hope.

Grown children who felt they never quite measured up to their mother or father’s expectations will gain a greater understanding of why they felt rejected, mistreated or unloved.

Single parents will find strength and optimism.

Rape victims will learn that such a violation will not define them.

Families who feel fractured or hopeless will feel less isolated and alone because this book shows how generations of problems are overcome through love and forgiveness.

Annetta Sutton

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