Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Excerpt from Catholic Alcoholic Chapter 16 p. 202-203
Parents are God’s babysitter,” Bishop Fulton J. Sheen said passionately on his long silenced weekly TV program. With no personal knowledge, the words of a master revealed a truth. Children never belong to us. Parents plant seeds and provide the directions, stability, security, nurturing, love, and affections. Children are the sponges. Mine soaked it all up. I willingly provided all I could.
Grieving in parenthood begins at conception. Children will eventually leave. A woman who gives birth, or any mother, knows it, although for awhile she may be in denial. Letting go is a daily event. Children are never really ours. It is an illusion to think other wise.

My heart burst as I saw them on the plane. It was the same sensation I had experienced the days of their births. An experience of the Divine. A glimpse of God.”

Annetta Sutton

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