Annetta’s book, Catholic Alcoholic: A Witness to Addiction and Redemption was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award. It is an inspiring autobiographical work of how alcoholism has touched every area of her life as a family member, spouse, parent and professional. She quickly adds, “Through gaining knowledge and understanding of recovery, hope appeared.” Annetta continues to work on a sequel to Catholic Alcoholic and another research project called Invisible People as well as a cadre of children’s books and her weekly blog.

As a retired psychotherapist and developmental psychologist, I recognize more than many may triumph of your book and life. Well done.

Testimonial Dr. Don Ford
Dr. Don Ford
Retired Penn State College, PA

Dear Annetta, I just finished reading your book for a second time! I cried during many parts! You were so honest and open in it. That rape when you were showering is so horrific. Thanks for being so honest.

Testimonial Marie

“Catholic Alcoholic” is a very good book. I really liked and enjoyed the read. I am positive the book will help many in AA, Al Anon, and those in other 12 step groups and individuals who could benefit from the 12 Step groups. In fact, in my humble opinion, Catholic Alcoholic could be used by many treatment centers. I have recommended the book to friends and acquaintances. You are an excellent wordsmith. Please write more.

Testimonial Elliot

Mrs. Sanow Sutton’s work credentials are impressive. But the heart of her message in the book is based on life experiences as a Catholic, life as a wife, sister, and friend of alcoholics. This book is exceptional because Ms. Sanow Sutton lived it.

Testimonial Laurel Johnson
Laurel Johnson
Midwest Booke Review, Author of ``My Name is Esther Clare, The Grass Dance``

The Author

Annetta Sanow Sutton, Five Point Consulting

“I am made in the image and likeness of God.” Only when I stopped allowing the vessel to be destroyed did I begin to feel alive again. Pain brought awareness. Depth. Compassion. The little house on the prairie provided the groundwork. A church provided the foundation. And twelve steps provided me with a way to fully appreciate both the little house and the church.
Introduction: Catholic Alcoholic: A Witness to Addiction and Redemption

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