Summer 2013

Summer 2013

065Summer 2013

Biking through the streets of Minneapolis, I find the beauty of creation through the human face and in the magnificent gift of nature. You see things differently on a bike. You hear the sounds of children playing. Hear languages from around the world. Smell the multiple floral and natural scents. You greet people. They greet you. You see the smile. The twinkle in their eyes. I love it. Riding a bike is a way to connect with life. I often stop to pick up garbage for recycling. A runner shouts as he runs by, “Thank you from all of us.” I reflected on his words. “All of us.” Yes, even picking up recyclable items helps all of us. Riding a bike, helps all of us; ecologically and through health care. Greeting someone, helps all of us. Respecting Nature helps all of us. The interconnection of the human family. We are interconnected. 

Biking was a childhood love. A childhood dream. I didn’t have one. My friend Janet did. Janet’s bike was the most beautiful red bike in the world. I think it was a Schwinn.  I dreamt of having a bike like Janet’s. Not until adulthood did my dream come true. I live on my bike. Dreams are like that. If you believe. If you work towards that dream. If you want it bad enough. If you have the faith of a mustard seed. It will come true. 

Another dream: of one day publishing my book. I did. And it has had an amazing response. My greatest joy is after the reading of it, the people who are now in recovery from addiction, have repaired family relationships, some have a return to their faith. Dreams have consequences. And now another dream come true: My private practice. This month I opened my private practice. Dreams do come true. See them. Believe in them. Pray for them. And appreciate them. Enjoy them. 

What is your dream?

Annetta Sutton

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