What is Five Point Consulting?

Five Point Consulting provides life direction in spirituality, grief, addiction, recovery, relationships and organization. In addition, Five Point specializes in one and one, couples, family and group consulting, speaking, retreats and educational opportunities as well as promotes a healthy, well-rounded life for all individuals.

My unique personal and professional experiences provide the foundation of the company, complemented with an educational background,featuring a degree in ministry, addiction and pastoral counseling sustained with internships in mental health, addiction and clinical pastoral education.


Is loss paralyzing your life? I offer innovative programs and tools to help you work with the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job, life transitions.


Whether you are seeking relief from addiction or support in long-term recovery, my forty years of experience provides individuals and families with intervention and support. Recommended resources provided.


Struggling to find the meaning of life? I can help you in exploring the possibilities.


Do you struggle with a relationship? Are you overwhelmed with the constant demands of parenting? I address this stress with practical and simple ideas to help you manage and find peace.


Overwhelmed with clutter? Assessment and my exclusive three-pronged approach will simplify your life.

Annetta M. Sanow Sutton

“My passions come from a unique perspective and distinct experiences. Raised in a law enforcement family on an Indian reservation with personal knowledge of discrimination, domestic violence, addiction and significant losses gave me a familiarity of the fragility in the human person. Channeling those experience to work forming homeless shelters, serving on countless boards to address violence, racism, including the establishment of the Martin Luther King Commission, identifying the impact of addiction through my work as a member of the North Dakota Attorney Standards Boards and Adult Resource Center, Rural Survival Task Force, Catholic Family Service, North Dakota AIDS committee and Mission Haiti, to name a few. I also wrote a monthly column on the human condition. I have spent years working one on one with individuals and families to realize their potential.

More than anything, raising a family of five children and loving life to the fullest, I have always believed in the words of Mother Teresa: “Making a difference one person at a time” –words that serve my faith and belief in the inherent beauty of each human being.”

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 Catholic Alcoholic:
A Witness to Addiction and Redemption

It is an inspiring autobiographical work of how alcoholism has touched every area of
her life as a family member, spouse, parent and professional.

Annetta’s book was nominated for the Minnesota Book Award.

She adds “Through gaining knowledge and understanding of recovery, hope appeared.”

Annetta continues to work on a sequel to Catholic Alcoholic along with another research project called Invisible People as well as a cadre of children’s books and her weekly blog.


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The years of working with people struggling with addiction, abuse, AIDS, depression, grief, violence, hunger, racism, and despair -- the one constant at their very core is a rare and distinct beauty. When I witness that pain turn to life, I witness the Creator. It is always there. Some people just need to be unconditionally loved to find it

Annetta M. Sanow Sutton - Owner of Five Point Consulting